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Diehl & Neumaier Co.
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We Process all Freon

Bearing Appliances

Any unwanted appliances containing R12, R22, R134 freon will be purchased and processed legally


We now purchase computer components such as boards, hard drives, and CPUs  

Catalytic Converters

Buying all converters.  Please ask about pricing

Unacceptable Items

Monitors, televisions, lead paint, PCB Bearing Items, Radioactive Material Please ask a Diehl & Neumaier employee your questions  
Catalytic Converters
E Scrap

Acceptable Material

Appliances, Sheet Iron, Iron, Prepared Iron, Auto Cast, Stove Cast, Torch Work, Manganese, Metal Wire, Catalytic Converters, Computer Boards, Memory, Complete Computer Towers, Clean Aluminum, Cast Aluminum, Aluminum Radiators, Aluminum Siding, Aluminum Rims, Aluminum Copper Radiators, Aluminum Cans, Aluminum Breakage, Copper, High Recovery Wire, Low Recovery Wire, Insulated Wire, Auto Radiators, Electric Motors, Brass, Heater Cores, Ammo Brass, Stainless Steel, Soft Lead, ACSR, Sealed Units, Batteries, Lead Wheel Weights
We Make Scrap Recycling Simple; We take it all!
Metal Recycling  Established 1972 (608) 846-4824
Materials purchased Materials purchased